MobiStealth Spy Phone Software

MobiStealth Spyphone Software

MobiStealth may be the next generation of smartphone spy applications. Anyone can guard and track down your iPhone, BlackBerry and Android Phones by using MobiStealth mobile spy software. If you want to safeguard your cellphone from getting misplaced /stolen permanently, wish to track your cell phone and also don't want to reveal your privacy to thief or unknown person then MobiStealth is great for you.

Loaded with Features for

Android, BlackBerry and iPhone

  • Spy Call/Live Hear Phone Environment
  • Voice Call Recording
  • On Demand Surround Recording
  • Call History
  • Call Duration
  • Location History
  • On Demand Location Information
  • Alternate Location Retrieval Method
  • eMail Log
  • Web History
  • Web History
  • Bookmarks
  • Picture Logging /li>
  • Video Logging
  • Contact Details
  • SMS Logging
  • Blackberry Chat Messenger Log
  • SIM Change Notification (Only Applicable to GSM Phones)
  • Encrypted Communication
  • Phone Wipe

Parental Monitoring

If you're a concerned parent and wish to monitor activities of your kids on cellphones so that you can shield them from Sexting and other dangers then MobiStealth Parental Control Software is perfect for you.


If you're a partner who suspects your spouse may be being unfaithful, wish to determine whether he/she is being truthful or has a need to find out details of the affair then MobiStealth Spy Software for Cellular Phones is a perfect answer for you.

Staff Employee Monitoring

If you are an employer and wish to enforce company policies on company owned cellphones or wish to observe actual locations of your staff then MobiStealth is for you.


MobiStealth supplies a wide array of features for monitoring smart phone activity. It also complements a range of demands. If you're seeking to spy on your deceitful spouse/girl friend/boy friend, or you are a responsible parent attempting to watch the smartphone usage of the kids, MobiStealth includes all the best mobile spy software options to suit your needs.


Voice Call Recording

Android Spy application permits you to record each and every call made from/to certain numbers. The recorded calls can be uploaded secretly to your Stealth Club account, that can later be heard at any time.

Call History Log

Learn the details of incoming and outgoing calls. You can learn when and who (based on the name stored in the mobiles address book) is being called. You can even conduct reverse lookups on the phone numbers.

Call Duration

Along with call history it's also possible to see the exact call duration of each and every call. This feature will be really useful to uncover the numbers which can be commonly being called and have the longest call duration.

Spy Call/Live Listening to Phone Environment

Smartphone Spy app allows you to generate a Spy Call. Now you can hear surroundings of the target phone.

On Demand Surround Recording

Smartphone Spy application allows you to remotely record all conversations in proximity of the cellular phone. You only need to send a discreet Text message and recording will automatically start. The full recording will be uploaded secretly to your Stealth Club account.


Location History

Cell phone location details are updated automatically at a predefined interval. The cell phone location history will then be reviewd by logging on to your Stealth Club account.

On Demand Location Information

The On Demand The cell phone location feature is offered only by MobiStealth BlackBerry and Android spying software. You may get current location of the target cell phone by sending the secret SMS at any time. The current smartphone location will be reported immediately through SMS reply.

Alternative Location Retrieval Method

This particular GPS Tracking function permits you to find location of nearest cell tower of your Android, Blackberry or iPhone, when GPS is off or hard to get at on account of cloud cover or person being inside a room.



Email Logging

View every detail of sent and received electronic mails. You can now keep track of all electronic mail communication.

Web History

Watch the web browsing history.


Watch all the saved bookmarks to any web-sites.

Picture Logging

MobiStealth spy app for Android, iPhone and Blacberry will upload all the pictures on phone to your stealth club account.

Video Logging

Any videos made through the cell phone camera will be uploaded to your stealth club account by Android spy program. Videos over 15MB are not uploaded.

Contact Details

View the details of all of the contacts saved on the smartphone using MobiStealth cell spy software. This will enable you to find out information associated with masked contacts.

Text Message / SMS Logging

SMS spy feature of MobiStealth smartphone tracking application will enable you to read all inbound and outgoing SMS text messages sent and received from the smartphone. This contains full SMS contents. You will be able to read everything even if it is deleted from the phone.

Reverse Phone Lookup

Get name and address of the phone number owner in the SMS and call details history (whenever possible) by just clicking on the phone number. Usually this kind of lookup costs for each search but it is an integrated feature at no cost for our customers.

Blackberry Chat Messenger Logging

Blackberry Chat Messenger Logging enables the user to look at all the chat history of Blackberry Messenger.

SIM Change Notification (Only Applicable to GSM Phones)

The SIM Change Notification feature provided by Android Spy phone application. As soon as SIM is changed, a notice with new number will be sent through SMS to a defined number. The notification number can be fixed numerous times through the MobiStealth website.

Encrypted Communication

All communication between your phone and the MobiStealth webpage is secured using industry standard encryption methods.

Phone Wipe

If you have sensitive info on your mobile phone that and phone is stolen or lost and you desire to protect your privacy you just need spying software as it allows you to wipe all data on phone through secret SMS.

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